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To me, so far official Google apps for Android has been the best.

Don't forget Cricinfo app if you're a cricket buff. -_- Pulse news reader is also pretty awesome.

Also mention which Android phone you have, and which phone your suggested app is most suited to. (I own a HTC Desire)

I have a Zong IDEOS. I found these apps to be very good:

Pulse News Reader (Awesome App)

K-9 Mail (Loads better as compared to the default mail client)

Opera Mini

Abduction (A simple and cool game)

Sniper (Motion based shooting game)

BBC News (Very fluid app)

Sometime ago, I posted a trick "How to get invisible Apps from Google / Android Market". I repeat it here thinking that this is more appropriate thread.

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How to get invisible Apps from Goolgle Market..

Based on ID of your network service provider, the Google Market decides which Apps to offer you. For all of our service providers, the paid Apps are not shown. Basically the Android OS when boots up, it reads the ID of your service provider from your SIM card and writes to a file (in your android phone). When you visit Google Market, then this file is read by the market to decide which Apps to offer you.

Even some free apps which are available to rest of the modern world, are not even shown to us.

Solution: How to get invisible Apps ?

1) If you have a SIM card (of course it will not work here) from some other country like any european country, simply insert into your Android phone and use your Wi-Fi to browse the market. You will even see paid apps there.

2) There is a trick to fool the Google Market, by modifying this internal file (containing your Network provider ID) to fake some other Network's ID. For this, jsut goto Google Market and look for "Market Enabler" app. It requires a ROOTED Phone. It is free, just install it. Run it and you will have a list of other service providers like T-Mobile and many more. Select any one by long pressing it and select "Fake this provider now"

You will see a whole different Google Market now.

You must be wondering why the hell "Market Enabler" is available in Google Apps Market, well I leave this upto you to find out why....

Enjoy your Android phone....


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^ Or you can get the ApPlanet :)

sms bomber for android , and i am also looking for sms bomber and anti sms bomber too for s60 . if some one knows please let me know .

Anti SMS Bomber is available in Android Market.

Were you looking for this or you really want to Bomb someone :)

Galaxy S

Utorrent Remote: Typical usage scenario, sipping tea with friends when someone says man you need to watch this movie I discovered, Me: K lemme open utorrent remote and start the download at home.

Google Googles is neat, not very useful in Pakistan though.

i have anti sms bomber now ut i need sms bomber too to let the existing bomber know i can also do that :) some one is bothering me actually very much so i want to let him know a lesson . any good n fact bomber will work . symbian or android all welcome :)

please let me know the name and link to download the same.

or just email me the link

NADRA CNIC Database searching, Anti Car Lifting Cell Database Searching ... and some other tool in one App... Try and suggest Inprovement ......


is anyone here using this ?



Prayer Times

My Prayer

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is anyone here using this ?


The thing is - just about everyone is on every OTHER network. Most of the people I know are on WhatsApp - but it's a trial.

And not everyone uses WhatsApp either.

That said, I think I use Springpad (a note taking/jotting down tool) and it syncs online as well. There's Catch and Evernote, but it seems Springpad does for free what the others charge for. But - there are things that aren't in Springpad which are in the other two.

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air.

Electrodroid is a great app for Electronics Engineers.

Thanks for telling about the Cricket App.

I am using HTC Chacha,

my fav android apps so far;

  • MoboPlayer [best player for android, plays anthing, AVI too]
  • AppInstaller [installs application directly from SDcard, downloaded from various sources]
  • ConvertPad [Lets you convert length, distance, area...what ever you want]
  • WiFi file Transfer [No cable required between PC and mobile]

Brightest Flashlight Free Specially for Pakistani peoples :D

App 2 SD Move apps to SD Card

App Lock Nice app. Helping me in saving phone from kids. All games are locked :P

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To me, so far official Google apps for Android has been the best.

Don’t forget Cricinfo app if you’re a cricket buff. -_- Pulse news reader is also pretty awesome.

Also mention which Android phone you have, and which phone your suggested app is most suited to. (I own a HTC Desire)


Try Cricbuzz app. It’s better then Cricinfo for live scores.

can we use pakistani debit cards with google play?