Android app to know details of a caller / given number


hi all,

please help to find an android app ( or an online service ) which can show details of any caller from world especially from Pakistan maximum information like registered name, service using, cnic, address / location etc. ( if app can show real time when caller calls this will be the best ) or any online service (website) for this purpose?


It’s an Android phone, not a magic lamp (koi jadoo ka sharag nahi hai).

TrueCaller might help you. But it’s not magic itself. It fools people and people’s own contact list gets uploaded. Their success is that they fooled millions of people around the world. That’s how they build their “contact database” (“directory”). So try TrueCaller on your own risk (read about it before hand). Your personal contact list will be uploaded and never gets deleted from their database. However, in return, whenever you get a phone call and you have a decent internet connection (WiFi, 3G, LTE), AND if they have that person’s information in their database then you’ll get at least name of unknown caller.

And just forget about CNIC etc. It’s either agencies (ISI etc) can do or you are committing crime if you have that information of unknown caller. I, myself, would be very happy to hand over you and anyone to FIA if you or anyone else have such app which can display all those information including CNIC, address etc.

thank you for your time and valuable information shared with me. i knew about TrueCaller and it is a problem for various people here, also i advised them to not use it because of their security ( and we knew it most of us are not secure when connecting and surfing the web ), we just want to know about such kind of app exist or not. on a forum online i read about an app from cia-app dot com but because of same problem i didn’t used it yet.
anyway, thanks again.