Android 6 "Marshmallow" Revealed

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Android M is now officially called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google’s new mascot is now welcoming photographers near the Android HQ building in California.

Android M was unveiled during Google’s annual I/O conference last May and is expected to become publicly available this fall. The next major Android version will be trying to optimize the performance even further by lowering the RAM usage, improving the standby and overall battery endurance.

Android M will also introduce native support for fingerprint sensors and security authentications. An official app permission manager is coming too, as well as support for USB Type-C connectors and capability for charging other devices.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow new Developer’s Preview is now available on Nexus 5, 6, 9 and the Nexus Player. The preview will be the last one before the RTM version.

The official SDK is live as well. The devs can now upload their Android 6.0 compatible apps to the Play Store.

Marshmallow should make it first on the Nexus devices this fall.



Well that isn’t surprising at all. Marshmallow was the first guesses of many. Truth be told i don’t see any reason for jumping version numbers so soon. I mean v.4 lasted for 2 years from ICS to KK. The reason being that the updates were not huge. Lollipop brought some new tricks to the sleeve, but from what we know about M so far, it seems like one of those smaller updates rather than something worth giving two f***s about.

But then again, it makes sense. This is Google (or Alphabet, whatever) we’re talking about, and there browser version currently stands at v.44.0… So yeah, i guess it’s not so surprising after all…

Next : Android HOT DOG.

^ Not possible.

First, Google only chooses confectionery item names for their releases.

And secondly, Google names them alphabet-wise (since the third major release).

"Alpha", "Beta", "Cupcake", "Donut", "Eclair", "Froyo", "Gingerbread", "Honeycomb", "Ice-Cream-Sandwich", "Jellybean", "Kitkat", "Lollipop", "Marshmallow", to be continued...


P.S. I know you were only kidding. I'm just good at parties. :P

^ that last info was actually surprisingly refreshing, about the alphabetical series :)

@upsilon............... you are the man.

Next up

N = Google Nuttella...

Yummm :P

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^ that last info was actually surprisingly refreshing, about the alphabetical series :)


Kithay rehnda hain tuu paaaii. Tawaja deya kar khabraan nu :lol:


The Marshmallow update might be coming to the glorious LG G2. One more reason why it may be the best phone ever made. :P

and yet G3 > G2 ;)

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and yet G3 > G2 ;)


Disagreed. But y’know “opinions”. :rolleyes:

If we’re speaking strictly specs-wise, then G4 > G3. And in future G5 > G4. But you see it is kind of unfair to compare the specs of a newer gen product to a previous gen product, so when comparing different gen devices, you have to be a lot more reasonable and compare the whole qualities of the device.

In any case, the whole of the LG G series (including G Flex) is brilliant. They provide the best experience & features for a very reasonable price (compared to Sammy or Shony). It really sucks to see the lack of sales of these products… hopefully that will change soon somehow.

The Motorola Moto X series is the best series after Nexus which provides near stock Android experience, and in addition offers features that actually makes sense. I'm not saying this because I actually own the device (2nd Gen version), but because I've been closely following Motorola ever since they were acquired by Google. It seems Google were only interested in the patents held by Motorola as a company. Its the reason why many of the features offered by Moto X have been baked into Marshmallow now.

^ I agree to an extent. Motorola has been making awesome phones recently (although not the top of their game, unlike the RAZR/SLVR era). The RAZR M is one of the best budget phones available in the market right now. Then there's the MAXX series with the amazing battery timings, and the Droid Turbo is an incredible device. The X&G series are pretty good too as you just mentioned, due to the nexus like experience combined with non-generic bodies. So yeah, Moto is one of the better options to go for.

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Disagreed. But y’know “opinions”. :rolleyes:

If we’re speaking strictly specs-wise, then G4 > G3. And in future G5 > G4. But you see it is kind of unfair to compare the specs of a newer gen product to a previous gen product, so when comparing different gen devices, you have to be a lot more reasonable and compare the whole qualities of the device.


since no one was strictly speaking spec wise, since the TITLE OF THREAD IS MARSHMELLOW SOFTWARE… and since you brought out specs out of nowhere,therefore, even the simplest of minds would be able to understand that the G3 experience of the SOFTWARE would be better, due to screen size, ergonomics, brightness, and speed, extra features, design alot more under the hood upgrades such as camera, sensors and much more stuff…

Comparing the G4 SOFTWaRE EXPERIENCE to G3, would be much much more subtle, as 90% of the feel-able features of G3 and G4 are almost same as they share majority of physical specs as well as majority of internal hardware as well… considering theoretically, an improvement of 60 would be felt between G2 to G3 in terms of software experience based on all aspects… G3 to G4 would amount to barely another 10 or 15 value more… since they are almost identical in SPECS.

so, Indeed… when comparing different gen devices, you have to be a lot more reasonable and compare the whole qualities of the device.

First and foremost as the user of both G2 & G3 (i owned G3 for like 2 weeks before getting rid of it because it was not providing me a very comfortable one-handed experience, which is a priority for me. The point being that when i compare them, i know what I'm talking about.

2ndly, the user-experience is very similar on both devices, i don't know what imaginary features you're counting in regards to the G3 but there's not a single beneficial additional feature to care about, and gimmicks don't count. (mind you; I'm comparing the 5.0.2 version of both devices).

Even if we compare hardware, then the G3's only real advantage is the superior camera (in regards to the amount of resolved detail), but other than that, even the mp count is same. Wanna brag about hardware? lol, k, but even the hardware of G3 is a very minor upgrade over the G2. Keep benchmarks up your glory hole (seriously, benchmarks don't apply to real world usage), and you'll be hard-pressed to find noticeable performance difference in both devices. I've compared them side-by-side and the performance difference was 19/20 (if you know the term), and that's not all either, if we compare the gaming performance, then the G2 actually performs quite a bit better than G3 (because they both run the same GPU but one has to power fewer pixels). So what's left now? The amount of RAM? Yeah well the G3 has more RAM, but honestly that's only an advantage to people who've installed every social crapworking app along with more random trash apps, cause in real world usage you're unlikely to run out of RAM on the G2 with sensible usage (i never did).

So then the G3 doesn't provide any *realistic* performance improvements over the G2. The only thing that's really upgraded is the camera which wasn't so bad to begin with.

I forgot to mention earlier but the display of the G3 is actually arguably inferior than the G2. Yeah yeah the G3 has 1440p res compared to G2's 1080p, but y'see that's not the kind of improvement you can tell with naked eyes. Seriously, 1440p display on a 5.5" display is nothing but overkill, as it just eats up graphical performance and doesn't provide any realistic viewing improvement. Also i mentioned that the display in inferior, you might be wondering why? Well it's because the G3's display is noticeably dull compared to the G2. This is not bullsh!t. Run them side by side, maximize their brightness, and bam the difference will be very visible.

So now what's left to discuss? There's no *realistic* software benefits & there's no *realistic* hardware benefits, so then the camera is the only improvement then? Doesn't seem like something worth giving two f***s about.

Also i like how flawed your argument is when you find big improvements in G3 compared to G2 when there are actually very few but fail to see the much more meaningful improvements in G4 compared to G3 which are real and reasonable. Goes to further demolish your statement.

Here's something more relevant to the topic:

I would say the upgrades are not big enough to warrant a new version number. This should've been called Android 5.2 or something. I'd say devices which are not getting this update are not really missing out on much...

If you dont count, bigger screen, faster processor, sharper display, more ram, better camera, overall speed improvement, slimmer curved sides, easier grip, more internal sensors, more ram, more sharp zoom in display due to pixel density increase, and a host of other differences, then you are a stubborn short sighted who believes his own inferior and outdated possessions are superior to the technology upgrade cycle standard all over the world. Your hands may not be able to grasp something NORMAL sized which you consider is big, thats why you cant own it , however your genetic disposition in the world doesnot put u on same level as billion others.

just because you cant differentiate between a 5.2 sealed body G2 and 5.5 inch screen G3 with totally different looking phone designs, but you CAN differentiate between identical looking G3 and G4, further goes to show

you saying you can differentiate between twins but not between an orange and a fish sure made me lol early this morning.. thanks for making my day.. :D

i have been using g3 for over a year.. using g2 for year and half.. together with 2 sims..and still never claim to be an expert on anything.. Thank you for comparing your 2 week experience with the rest of the world and showing how much

When G3 will have marshmallow, i will upgrade it automatically,..when your Super awesome G2 will stop receiving updates , G3 probably will still continue to get some.. when G3 will stop i will upgrade to something better..and when the world will be on a G20 , i STILL wont need this thread to tell me to compare phones...

..Enjoy :)

On a serious note , from how you have been behaving for a long time, i sincerely just hope you are a better person in real life...than what you are online..I really do.. its really saddening and depressing what people can become and how low they can stoop..

Please have your pointless fights elsewhere. If this personal insult routine between you two continues, I will not hesitate from kicking you both out.

Read the forum rules again to refresh your memory:

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* - Please do not be personally rude even when people are really really annoying. Always try and argue the point not the person. If you get into a big fight with someone, it's hard to get out of the spiral. Flame-wars never end well and we try to avoid them because sometimes people get cornered and go nuts and we have to boot them out. This is regrettable and (thankfully) rare.

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* - Do NOT try to police the forum under any circumstances.


^ Oh boy, this is getting heated. :ph34r:

I thought we were just having a classic WP debate, but as it turns out, Doctor can't handle being trolled. -_-

@farhas_ds Ok buddy, you win. G3 is better than G2, and it's even better than G4... or whatever makes you feel better. ;)

@Asad I'm sorry that things went in the wrong direction. I was literally just playing around. You've all known me from a long time now, i do this from time to time. It's just some humor and trolling. It brings life to an otherwise dull forum... No worries though, I'll stick to Faisal and Armada for the pillow fights, we all like to pwn each other, it's just good lighthearted fun. ^_^


Anyone know if Nexus 7 (second gen) will get this update?