Android 2.3 Gingerbread released by Google!

Read about it here:

Also Google has developed a device alongwith Samsung to launch with Gingerbread 2.3:

I wish this update is available for Zong Ideos. :). I am very much interested in that device.


dude i have been hearing all around people saying that there are many android based phone coming to pakistan starting jan 2011 which gonna start as low as rs 10k, but when i google to verify the rumour i am not finding any concrete news about it so i am kind of confused , either this rumour is just a rumour or real news.....

Hmmm. Well. I have only heard of two Android models which are the cheapest at the moment. One is Ideos (16k) and the other is ZTE Blade which has been branded as San Fransisco by Orange in UK and is currently selling for 99 pounds which roughly translates to 13k Rs. I really wish some other network launches this phone here in Pakistan. And yeah you are right, as soon as Android becomes more common Handset prices will go down and I think that will happen when smartphones with dual core processors become prevalent so that single core processor phone's prices may go down. Let's see what happens.


I was going to get ZTE Blade from the UK wen it's price wud have been significantly lowered after christmas. now i dont think i will cuz all new ZTE Blades are now shipping with TFTs instead of AMOLED displays.. grrr..yy!!!? TFT's suck up more battery and ZTE Blade was already famous for its low battery life. now there's nothing appealing in tht handset for me anymore :/

btw LG optimus ONE is also coming to Pakistan soon i guess. It'll be updated to Andriod 2.3 aswell aftr some time :)

Hmmm. TFT!! That sucks! Btw. LG Optimus One is very expensive as compared to ZTE Blade. Not worth it. There is a short supply of LCDs in the market so they may start using afterwards. Lets wait for it. Btw, i checked out Android 2.3, its not much of an upgrade. Very slight difference, mostly in the code for better gaming and native hardware support.