AN1020-16T ADSL light turn off

Hey! i got a problem from few days... i got this problem one month before too.. but i call the ptcl and man came and did something and then it solved... but now i am facing same issue.. suddenly my ADSL light gone off and then reconnect again.. which suXX because AN1020 starts slowly.. and after reconnecting it again gone off and this happen many times continously... there is no specific time it could happen any time.. anybody know what would be the problem ? i call ptcl and they said to do this this blah blah.. but nothing get fixed. yet..

its simple, just restore factory settings on modem setting page and make new connction with your username and pw. thats all.

are you sure this could make everything fine ?

i dont know where to find my username password ?

Go to Advance Setup > DSL Uncheck all modulations except G.DMT, save it and it should be fine.

normally your username is your ptcl phone number and password is ptcl.

i did new setting and G.dmt but didnt fixed

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i did new setting and G.dmt but didnt fixed

How’s your telephone line condition, is there any noise while listening to the Tone?

yes sometime..