Am new to this forum

I hop am not bothering any one here i just moved to saudi arabia while am working there i just wanna write down my first post about Telecoms here

so other ppl can know better about good things they can enjoy in saudi arabia here is a msg i reseved in my email few days ago showing new service been lunched by the STC here in saudi

"Dear Customer,

For the first time in the Kingdom, Saudi Telecom “STC” offers customers of Sawa exclusively the international credit transfer service. Transfer to your friends and loved ones a credit from your mobile to theirs as gift for use in making local and international calls. To know the call rates, code of the amount to be transferred and way of transfer, send SMS the country name e.g. “Pakistan” or 8 To 801500

STC… Easier Life"

again I hop am not writing in the wrong forum but i find this offer very useful for me sometimes, hop you it's useful for they pakistani here as well

thank you for reading my post :)

well, in Pakistan we can enjoy this service, in Pak people are using other networks not STC network.

here you can share it with many countries the network doesn't matter it's kinda gud service for ppl who work in saudi arabia and the want to transfer credit to their family

thank you for replying me ilhtpakistan :)

Why not just use western union if this is for trsnferring cash.

And if it about transferrin mobile phone balance, i think this is not something new. You can load ur loved ones Ufone number in the UK by easytop. However i think its just ridiculous, it involves too much loss. Just get easy load or scratch card from any shop in Pakistan.

And welcome to this forum aliali :)

well i know but it's new service in saudi :) thank you Zazzyo for welcoming me

welcome to wired pakistan!