Allied Bank PAYANYONE complaint

I had used the “PAYANYONE” service by allied bank internet banking system on 26 January 2017 to send a cheque of Rs 20,000 to a relative. However the cheque wasn’t delivered to the beneficiary but Rs 20,000 have been deducted from my account. I contacted the allied bank representatives via telephone and email but they say that they are investigating the matter. It has been 2 months but they still haven’t given me any meaningful response. I have been contacting the frequently but they keep on delaying this and the beneficiary has not received the cheque either.

I have sent an email to State Bank and Banking Mohtassib email addresses at and I had tried to use this service as I am abroad and not in Pakistan. Anyone have any idea what else shall I do to recover my money from Allied Bank?

Send Allied Bank written notice of forwarding complaint to Ombudsman if matter is not resolved in 7-10 days and then follow Ombudsman procedure to report it to them.