Alliance Of Valiant Arms(A.V.A.) a free-to-play 1st person shooter MMO

Hi, this is Harry555 and I would like to discuss this game with you. Alliance of Valiant Arms is one of those rare F2P MMO gems that has both top-notch graphics and extremely in-depth and varied gameplay. A.V.A can easily hold its own against pay-to-play FPS games like Counter-Strike Source and even Call of Duty 4, both in graphics and gameplay. Those who played other tactical MMOFPS games like Combat Arms, Blackshot or even WolfTeam should be able to quickly familiarize themselves with AVA, as most MMOFPS games tend to be very similar. Alliance of Valiant Arms runs the Unreal 3 engine, so expect great graphics. Perhaps the most notable aspect of AVA is its numerous game modes. They are:

Annihilation- Annihilation mode is basically team deathmatch. The European Union (EU) and New Russia Federation (NRF) duke it out across one of the game’s many levels. Whichever team reaches either 80 or 180 points first wins.

Demolition- Demolition mode is essentially the same ‘plant the bomb’ game mode popularized by Counter-Strike. The EU team must plant a C4 bomb in one of two bomb sites while the NRF must defuse it.

Escort - The EU team must ‘escort’ a tank that slowly moves through the map while the NRF have to use Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPGs) to destroy it. If the tank reaches the end of the map before time runs out the EU team wins, otherwise the NRF wins. This is one of the more popular and unique game modes in Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Free for All– As the name implies, players are by themselves and must kill anyone they see. Whichever player has the most kills at the end of the round wins.

Domination - Basically king of the hill. Opposing teams must capture and hold the command post located in the center of the map for a period of time to win.

Survival - Exactly like Suppression mode, but with one one life per player.

Convoy– The EU team must find and capture a ‘nuclear suitcase’ that is guarded by the NRF on one map before time runs out. Eliminating the opposing team is another way to win a round in Convoy mode.

Final Verdict – Excellent

With a detailed achievement system (Badges/Medals) and excellent, fluid gameplay, Alliance of Valiant Arms is by far one of the most polished and fun free-to-play MMO shooters on the market. When the game originally launched, it had few maps and game modes, but new patches over the years have remedied this one small complaint. Alliance of Valiant Arms easily distinguishes itself from other tactical MMOs in both superior graphics and gameplay.

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Looks inerestin but how good id their support. I wouldnt want to waste all those hours to be wiped out

I played this a bit when it was first released...I don't know maybe a year ago? Anyway, the lag was terrible at the time.

I also though the graphics weren't that great, and the general feel of the weapons wasn't great either...after playing COD or BF I don't think you can really enjoy this game much.

But it is free so no harm in trying it out...

The game overall is great, it feels as if you are playing Call of Duty and Counter-Strike at the same time! Its a cross-over platform! The Graphics are stunning, Call of Duty alike. And above all its free-to-play!

^hmm your post made me to think about playing this game, i'll try it.

Why exactly are you promoting these games? Do you get paid for that?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Why exactly are you promoting these games? Do you get paid for that?

lol no, just time pass :P

and i want more of my country ppl to play! So we can make a clan or guild or somethin! :'D