Aliexpress Refund to UBL Wiz Card

Recently i ordered a watch from Aliexpress but the order is closed for security reason.
I ordered the watch using UBL Wiz Card normally i use Webmoney.
Now please can anyone tell me how much time it will take to refund the money.
I am worried.
I have ordered 3 Watches worth $60.

Will never use wiz card again. Refund to credit card is worst IMO.
So plz tell me how much time it will take to refund the money in UBL WIZ CARD?

If order payment fails, then UBL refund takes about a week. You can lodge complaint with UBL Call Centre and fill out a dispute form at any branch to seek refund if it doesn’t come automatically. However, if payment succeeds but seller (or you) cancel order, then AliExpress takes 1-2 weeks to process refund, and UBL then takes a few days to credit your Wiz account.

Dont worry it will be refund in your WIZ card with in 15 days.

I have the same issue and can some tell me how much the bank charge you??