Alarming fact

If you want to have a discussion then stay clear of wild theories and conjecture. And of course keep out of politics!

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b4 9/11 no one even knew that there is some one named as U$AMA

thats not true, do ur research.


whats wrong with wild theories and conjecture? politics i understand.

uzzie01 is really Ch. Iftikhar. And sah is Reba McEntire. :|

My wild theories for the day.

we shouldn't expect any good from Afghanistan. History tells us they have always been our enemy. They are much close to India. Its a general feeling in Afghanistan. A few friends have visited Afghanistan and they told that they are treated very badly because they hate us. Not to forget that in 1965 indian fighter planes bombed peshawar and they flew from kabul airport. the afghans have always been fighting. If they don't find anyone to fight ,they fight with each other. history is evident