Air Purifier - Where can I buy one?

Hi All,

Does anyone know where i can buy air purifier? I am actually looking for a purifier for which filters are easily available. Air Purifier from Beurer company is available on but i can’t find if anyone is selling filters for this purifier. Zubaidas store are selling 3M Filtrete air purifier and are also selling filters for them. But they are selling it with very high markup. I believe there is an IQAir air purifier distributor based in Lahore but IQAir would be really expensive (almost $900 for base model in international market but i am not sure what’s its price in Pakistan).

Does anyone have a recommendation or know a shop from where i can buy air purifier whose parts are also available and maybe have some sort of after sales service if they are being sold for a higher price.


Air conditioners do have air purifier built in.

If you run your AC in fan mode, it will do same job as an air purifier. :slight_smile:

The problem with using aircon for air filtration is that the most aircon filters only captures large solid contaminants. The aircon in my room does not have plasma or similar tech that would electronically attract particles or use ionizer to kill contaminants. But the bigger problem is that aircon are not portable. I don’t have aircon in living room and my son (who has dust allergies) spends a lot of time there. Portable air purifier would be ideal for me.

I think you can get such air cleaners from medical/surgical suppliers. I have seen such air cleaners used in medical labs and operation theaters.

I remember one such unit (IQ Air, Swiss) came to us for repair / servicing. If you are in Lahore, Neela Gumband surgical market is a place to check. Otherwise HEPA filters are commonly available (not sure if that is the thing you need)

I will check with someone I know and let you know if I get some information on where to buy it.

Thanks Ijaz. IQAir products are famous but expensive too. Yes, I am looking for HEPA based air cleaners. Ill be grateful if you can provide any contact info in this regard.

I have a air purifier for sale, its of philips company and only used for maxium 20 hrs that too in airconditioned room for checking purpose
It can be placed on table and can be hanged on wall too
If u need then msg me on
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