AGS GX200R or Phoenix UGS215 Batteries Suggestion

Aslam o Alikum .

I need Need Suggestion for UPS Battery .

So AGS GX200R or phoenix UGS215 ???

AGS GX200R :

Phoenix UGS215 :

Btw I have this UPS.

Appollo UPS

waiting for the replies.

both of these are great batteries, you cant go wrong with either ..

Have a look at the new Volta tubular batteries. These are specifically designed for UPSs.


^ tubular batteries are best match for a quality pure sine wave and specifically online UPS.. looking at the OP`s ups specs, its a decent modified sine wave average performer fine for general home use which would be fine with the wet standard batteries,

tubular would be expensive i think..and also no extra benefit regarding his current setup.