AGP card HELP!

What is the difference between AGP 8x and AGP 4x and how I will know that which type of card my motherboard supports and which is latest and best graphics Card for gaming (512mb AGP CARD only).

Pleaz HELP>>>>>>>>

AGP 8x is faster than AGP 4x....

PCI express > AGP 8x > AGP 4x

Your motherboard's manual/package should tell whether it's 8x or 4x.

What is your motherboard model? Search it on google and you will see the supported features...if you find difficulties then mention your motherboard here...I will search it for you..

Mine is VIA P4X266-8233 motherboard and running pentium 4 2.83Ghz on it.And also tell latest and best graphics Card for gaming (512mb AGP CARD Only)

Well according to ( Your motherboard (P4X266) only supports AGP 4x.

Regarding you second query, Someone, more experienced/up to date can better suggest you the best AGP 4X Graphic card....

what is diffrence between agp amd 3d card

^AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. AGP Card and 3d Card are the same thing.