After Q-mobile, here comes Megagate

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KARACHI - MEGAGATE announced the launch of its mobile phone product line on Tuesday at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi.Megagate – a next generation mobile phone manufacturer – brings the real power of communication through a wide range of mobile phones packed with top of the line innovative features and international quality standards. Headquartered in Dubai and with major focus on home appliances, consumer electronics and IT products, Megagate has several brands of consumer electronics operating regionally and also in collaboration with global brands, enabling consumers to experience latest technologies.

Megagate products will enable consumers to relish the luxury of design and elegance along with easy to use interface to get the best out of their communication devices.

Seven Megagate products have been introduced in the Pakistani market ranging from basic multimedia mobile phones to top of the line touch phones. All products in the line up have been designed to fulfill the requirements of all set of consumers, from multimedia users to internet addicts and from text savvy youngsters to business minded professionals.

Excellence in after sales service is the key driving force behind Megagate and to achieve that the company has aligned international standard service centers across Pakistan, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech equipment with highly-qualified technical staff ready to deliver top class warranty services to customers across Pakistan.

“The launch of Megagate mobile phone series is part of our vision to bring latest technology to Pakistan. We are very optimistic about the growth potential of telecom industry and want to play a pivotal role in making technology available to common Pakistani. In all our products we have put major emphasis on content localisation to enhance user experience of our consumers and we will continue to generate more customised solutions in future line up,” said Megagate General Manager Khursheed Abbas.



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As if Q-mobile wasn’t enough. :rolleyes: But then again, people who buy chinese phones are better off buying from these companies than the regular unbranded chinese phones IMO.

They just charge for putting their stciker name on.. same old china phones however.

^but under warranty.

And its cooler to say "I use Q-mobile/Megagate!" than saying "I use China Mobile!". :P

They are not Chinese AFAIK, rather, a Taiwanese brand!

Is this its site?


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Is this its site?


No, i included the website address in the first post…

International news

Megagate’s new products:

  1. 3310 Max (Rs. 2500/-)
  2. 4410 Play (Rs. 3100/-)
  3. 5510 Opel (Rs. 4050/-)
  4. 5810 Sound Blaster (Rs. 4250/-)
  5. K310 Messenger (Rs. 4400/-)
  6. K510 Track Pad (Rs. 5100/-)
  7. T610 Titan (Rs. 6900/-)

For Complete Details, Specifications, features and "latest Price" of above listed handset models please visit Mobile Prices