Advice on new system build

So after like 6-7 years on core2duo, i now need to upgrade my system since the mobo died couple of days back. My primary use is to watch 8-15gb blu ray movies and now i also plan to play Fifa 15 on it, which necessitates a new-gen build. I don't play any other games except sports one and mainly fifa so any suggestions should factor that.Here is a link to pc specs for Fifa 15

I need processor, mobo and ram only as i have all other necessary components that can be seen on my signature.Budget is 30-35k.

Here is what i came up with:

Intel core i3 4150 4th gen,3.5ghz 3mb cache 13500/-

gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H mobo 8200/-

1 stick Kingston 8 gb 1600 bus ddr3 7700/-

Total comes to Rs.29,400/-

Now need advice on whether this tentative rig is compatible and good enough in the available budget.Also should i go for 2 sticks of 4gb,and their latencies are compatible with mobo? Note that prices are quoted from galaxy site.

You should go with 4 GB x 2 DDR3 RAM to enable dual channel configuration instead of going with single memory stick.

Ok.i heard or read that dual channel makes very marginal difference,but i will consider.

Will somebody tell is the ram compatible with mobo? I mean latencies etc.

Hey vantheman,

The ram you have choosen is compatible with the motherboard. I would suggest as Rak has to get 2 chips instead of one for dual channel.

Also pls read your pm.

Ok then,i'll get 2 sticks for dual channel.

@Jack i hv replied to ur pm.

And how about my mobo choice? Is it ok for the requirement.

Your motherboard choice is fine. However I must point out that you also have the option of going for a Gigabyte H81 motherboard which is cheaper (5800) and use the money you save for something else.

Also pls read your pm.

After reviewing specs of H81,i'll stick to the former as H81 has pcie 2.0 support and lacks dvi and hdmi ports that can come in handy.

ok no problem, may i ask when do you want to purchase these items ?

Next week definitely,not sure about the day.

pls check your pm............