Advice on new PC build!

I have decided to buy a new pc this year,I saw one PC.

ASUS M70AD + 2X Dell UltraSharp U2414H , price sounds reasonable to me but i am also considering of building a new PC myself.

So any suggestions?

My Budget is around 2000USD. It includes one PC plus 2 Screens.

Building is always better no matter what.. cheaper, faster,customizable, reliable, fun, and more expandable,.

the only problem (Rarely) is to get warranty for individual items as non cmpatbility is not covered in warranty.


better than the same spec for the asus pc

Intel Core i7-4770, any core i7 is a beast.. make sure you buy the 4xxx haswell series. .not the 3xxx old gen

12GB ram 1600bus., that is a huge amount.. even enough for atleast 3-4 years for most demanding games and apps.

SSD, a must for installing windows , softwares and games.. 240GB is now affordable.. make sure you get one with a sandforce controller. corsair OCZ are top brands depending on availability in swiss.

HDD, depending on your storage needs, a 2tb minimum. more can be added latter. seagate ST2000Dm001.. is a fast and affordable choice. no WD green as they suck.

GPU, any good radeon 270-280 or geforce 760-770-780 depending on your buget.. since you using 2 screens, see if the gpu has 2x hdmi out so the output is equal. spend the most on this item.

PSU.. to be forever on safe side, a good 750W PSu. proper 80+ certified. corsair, cooler master GX2 series, and OCZ again, top brands. if you can find, seasonic are even better.

Casing.. full tower cheapest casing, as casing has no impact on performance. since swiss is a cool country, you dont need liquid cooling etc.

Any Suggestion?

a very good build bar some possible improvements.

since it seems you are building a very heavy system, you should skip the WD drive instead and get the Seagate series, they are faster compared to Wd, unless you intend to keep your PC always on , then the NAS drive you have chosen is fine.

Ram, SSD, Vga are excellent choices

that Motherboard is overkill.. you can find equivalent Z97 board with same specs from Ggabyte and MSI for 50-80$ their manufacturer websites for latest models and specs. mobo doesnot play a MAJOR role in system performance, and MSi and GB boards are very durable and long lasting, esp Gigabyte. all have same USB 3 and Sata ports.

Why does your PSU NOT come with the 24pin cable? its is standard cable and EVERY psu should have it by default/... search around for Coolermaster GX2 Gaming series , enermax or Antec PSU with dual rails if this is a problem.. your corsair PSu will end up costing you 190..for that much you can buy a bigger better Platinum rated PSU for 750W.

if Overclocking is your regular game then the processor is fine, otherwise you can save quite a lot on the intel K procesor by going for the non K processor.. since the ghz will be same for stock and equally fast...OC at such high speeds may not yeild you as much results as you might expect.. so unless you are getting a solid deal on price, the non K is a better option./