ADSL modem for PTCL

My ptcl AN1020-25 adsl2 modem is slowly dying. Should I ask ptcl for a replacement (1500rs) or buy a better one of my own? I run a server on that connection so I'm looking for a solid sturdy option that will be running 24/7.



Here are a number of options:

- Make sure it's your modem/router and not the telephone line (you may try logs and/or statistics)

- If it's the router, you should try to get a replacement from ptcl free of cost!

- If you can't get one for free, find out the true cost of replacement as you may get one for cheaper from ptcl!

- If you, however, decide to buy a device for yourself, you should go for one that allows some tweaking of the line parameters such as Target SNR ... this shall allow you to sacrifice some speed for stability as server uptime is more relevant to you ... I have tested this feature on ptcl's own device with model no. w150d but many other routers also support it!

- Some 'uk lot' routers are also available and I have been testing quite a lot of them ... for a stable connection, I would suggest the Sky/Sagemcom 2504n with custom firmware installed as its dualcore advanced chipset by broadcom is quite sufficient, it supports wireless n upto 150mbps as well and provides access to tweaks from the web interface with line graphs such as the one below:

You could get one from me as well with the custom firmware preinstalled or you may search one out yourself ... in any case would be much cheaper than 1500 you quoted above!