Adsense Activation

You guys know that Google Adsense earn More revenue to Your blog, but you wont get an Adsense account easily.. You have to wait at least 6 months, You need good traffic, and You must not violate Adsense terms and conditions.

I Still Don’t Have Adsense Account I Converted My BlogSpot Blog To Domain in 5 Months, Now i have to Wait For Another 6 Months, if i want to Apply for Google Adsense, I Accidently Saw this Great opportunity in Indyarocks. I Hope This Time Adsense Account Will Be Activated :)

Now You can easily activate Adsense with Iniyarocks..

For that You need to satisfy 4 conditions

1. 50% of your profile must be completed,

2. upload 10 pictures to Your indyarocks album

3. write 2 post articles in indyarocks.

4.Upload Profile Picture

Now You are Eligible and apply for adsense via Indyarocks …

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Good Luck Guys!

Adsense Pakistan

You do not have Adsense account but your website is about Adsense Pakistan, what a strange?

This method is now useless. they have changed their policy for account approval.

He Advertise His site Bez he provide adsense account