Adsense account help

if anyone doesn't use his adsense account account... plz give it to me!!.. as google is not approving any applications from pakistan...thx

they are approving bro.... make sure your site is content enrich and have good traffic they will approve yours....

No... I dont think that! Google Adsense revised their Publishers Policy! like Domains Must be 6 Months OLD, Website Content & Web site Architecture etc.

Nope guys. u are all mistaken.

Their is just a change in policy.

You must have to add a page on your website, that must be called ownership page.

Then you must have to enter some domain information over there, like domain owner name, the purpose of the website etc. Then Apply using signup form of adsense and use that page's link. Do it nicely and they will approve you within hours. thats the trick

( dont tellme this is not working. Because this trick worked for my two friends. their account got approval within 12 hours or a day.)