Adobe Flash Player for Nokia C3?

Hi...i have Nokia C3, which is Symbian series 40 6th edition probably. I tried to open a website through my handset. This website is for online zikar with Tanzeem-Ul-Ikhwan ameer Maulana M.Akram Awan. And this page works only at specified timings.

Whenever i open this website,it asks me to "Get Latest Flash Player 10" to proceed. But unfortunately after spending hours i couldn't find a flash player for my cell phone. I have read about Flash Lite on Adobe blogs but don't how to use it. WP geniuses are therefore requested to please solve the issue :) I'll be grateful to you.



I think you're expecting too much from your phone. Flash lite is not the full on flash package, and hence isn't supported too well. Flash lite 3 supports flash video on sites like youtube but is based on flash 8. Flash lite 4 has only been released on symbian s^3 so you're out of luck.