Address require for Jamia Khairul Madaris Multan

I am looking for the mailing address of Dar-ul-Ufta of Jamia Khairul Madaris Multan as I want to post the letter to Mufti sb for asking some problems. I know their E-mail address but I want letter mailing address.

Thanks in advance

Well then ask them via email, that whats your postal address or ask at any Islamic forum!

on the side note its a very cheap way to advertise (If you have any intentions for doing so) no offence!

To the above postt: I do not think he is advertising, if he were he would have included an e-mail ID or any other contact details. At least the exact location.

Its a kind of Advertising, let me explain to you, Lets suppose there is a place Chu Chu ki Malya, and you post a question that i wanna know about the Area of Chu chu ki malya. So any person reading this will first Google it, then suppose there is this website called he will also visit this and other related stuff. So Indirectly you have marketed your product "Chu Chu ki malya" haven't you?

I hope you got the point!

^^MZC have you noticed the name, I don't understand why these so called schools have so difficult to pronounce and long names.

Mostly because they all want to have an Arabic Name for their Madrassa. Regarding the "Dar-ul-Ufta" part i think its a section where people asks questions and the Mufti answers them, It's quite common in "deobandi" religion to name it as Dar-ul-Ufta. "Jamia" means the University and "Khairul Madaris" means its best among all Madaris . (اپنے منہ میاں مٹھو)

Offtopic @ kamran1x1 , Did you got some kind of job at GEO? :P

^ yeah he is same like raymond davis of GEO not cia

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Offtopic @ kamran1x1 , Did you got some kind of job at GEO? :P

raw agent armada started calling me geo channel agent, just to make him more happy i got myself geo avatar.

^ now stop this and come to the topics

^ there is no topic in this thread. dude already got an email, send the email and wait for reply, what the h-ell is he posting here for???? this thread is waste of time.

I agree with MZC that OP's (signode) post does look like advertisement for Dar-ul-Ufta or whatever kind of terrorist or semi-terrorist or soft-heart-towards-terrorist they are raising there.

If you don't have the answer to the OP's query, stay out of the thread.

@ armada, kamran1x1, hahaha you guys always fighting no matter what's the topic :)

Regarding your mail karmran1x1, i don't think like that and i didn't have any intentions like what you have perceived!

Ooops didn't read Asad's post btw his question is being answered in Post #2. for more clarification its

Jamia Khair-ul-Madaris O/s Dehli Gate Multan. Can also be seen on their website. So this thread itself is lame and off course an advertisement!

@ wampyr i never said that this is an ad of terrorist or or semi-terrorist organization etc. Though people affiliated with this Madrassa are known for Terrorism activities. :(

Enough with the 'chu chu ki malya' jokes. I have sensitive feelings about this place.

^ mind reading post #13?

BTW what joke you are talking about? Haven't seen it in the above posts.

^^ please don't blow us up.

you guys have made our smart mods jamadar/cleaner/maids with your slippery none topic posts :lol: they always cleaning up here give them little rest and you guys keep on topics with reasonable posts.

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