Adding Audio input connection in car cassette Player

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I am here again with another DIY which I am about to perform and need your guidance. I have a Cultus stock cassette player and want to add the mp3/bluetooth module connections in it. I have opened it up and found the L/CH and R/CH at the tuner section which then go to Audio IC PT2313L and then go to speakers from there.
I want to ask can I solder my AUX Right and Left channel input to those R/CH and L/CH pins and it would work? or do I need to do some other mod as heard somewhere that we need to disconnect radio AM connection for it to work. I am attaching the images so you gurus can better understand.

On left side you can see pins with labels (on opposite side is the tuner) ->
PT2313L IC ->…
Cassette Player -> …
This is the MP3/BT module I wanna connect ->…

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No idea. If it were me, I would use the Cassette based aux wire.

I am using it but believe me sound is terrible as player’s head is old too. yesterday visited audio shop and the guy verified these are the points for audio in. he also said to remove tuner as it will distort sound.

Your post is little confusing. Do you want to play audio through bluetooth from your mobile phone or you want to add an AUX connection to your cassette player and then connect it to your mobile using an AUX cable ?

All the picture links you posted don’t work.

When I was in this situation, I had used this FM transmitter thing and used some empty FM frequency to listen my Mp3 songs but this needs MP3 songs to be copied onto a micro SD card.

It was something like this

Now there are modern devices available which get MP3 playback from your mobile through bluetooth and then use builtin FM transmitter so that you can just tune your cassette player to an empty FM frequency and enjoy your music + phone calls wirelessly.

I finally ended up installing Pioneer DEH-X6650BT (CD Player with Bluetooth capability to connect to mobile phones) in all of my cars. Life is smoooooth now.

Bro I already have this bluetooth module and used it for a year but now problem is that FM of the stereo is not working anymore so can’t use this device, also its quality is not that good. So now only option I have is cassette player but I want to add aux, bt, usb options in it and the cheapest and easy method is to use the kit shown here

Now the only confusion is how should I bypass the tuner, should I completely remove the tuner box or only removing capacitors or resistors which go from tuner channels to PT2313 IC should be removed.

If you see these image then you will understand what is needed

You should disconnect the tuner’s output —> Amplifier input and connect your own device to the amplifier input. That is what “Source” button exactly does, using analog multiplexers.

Impedence matching would be an issue, you may not get best quality audio.

Ahan so I was right about the connections :slight_smile: Thanks for confirming about the tuner bypass. I will find the PT2313 amp inputs which are connected from tuner section and test it. Will ask if any further query arises.

It was done finally and the points I had in mind were correct… verified from a audio shop also :slight_smile:
As my FM is dead so didn’t needed bypassing tuner… it works like a charm… now I can either use cassette adapter or direct connection.
next project will be to add bluetooth player so as to expand options to usb, tf, aux, bt etc


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