Add one more mod?

It remains to be seen how much usage the forums see, especially after a week of being down - but what do you think of adding another mod later on in the month?

Depends on the activity level which I don't think is much to begin with. It took some slight effort at the start when we shifted to IPB but afterward, despite Atif's absence, there hasn't been much need of administrative input. The B/S/T forum takes the most effort, with stricter rules implemented there.

Occasional spammer isn't hard to deal with.

True, the flag as spammer seems to do most of the work, and ip 3.2 seems to have more robust anti spam things built it.

That and un-approving posts or OP for entire thread works wonders too.

Banning a member is still hectic since it requires using the Admin CP but for now, the warning system is working well.

3 warnings: 3 days suspension

6 warnings: 5 days suspension

9 warnings: 7 days suspension

10 warnings: Perma ban.

I feel there is a need for an easy way to delete a member and all the topics he's started. The flag as spammer works great, but sometimes a nuke person option would be great - will look at plugins for that.

Marking a person as spammer removes all of said member's posts . This removal is just for the public. Otherwise, the post is still visible to the administrators and moderators.

This is good in a way when multiple people are administering the forum so that others can know that the post was unapproved and it can be read to know the reason. It's also slightly more transparent.

@Asad, you make a lot of sense, agree with all you just said

So, revisiting the moderator addition idea, any progress with the suggested candidates? :)

Not yet!