Acer Aspire 5736z Battery Problem

Today i saw a problem in my laptop battery as Windows shows Battery Health Issues/Warnings my battery was used to run 3 hours unplugged at the start it ran 6 hours but now it slipped down to 3 hours but that's not the problem the problem which i'm facing is that now it's fully charged at says 54mins at 60% of battery i've searched on Google and i came to know that it's a problem of Windows 7 then i changed and used another battery of Aspire it worked fine so the there's no problem with Windows the only problem is in the Battery but it worked fine till Yesterday today it showed this error i've cleaned the battery but no effect,Can anyone help me in fixing it and also tell me the price of a new Aspire 5736z Battery

Looks like one of the protection circuits inside the battery i.e: Charge controllers, OverDischarge protection circuit gave up on you. It needs to be opened / physically examined but I dont think you'll find someone capable of doing that arround here.


So should i buy a new one?Can you tell me the price of it and also can you tell me that if any hardware expert can fix it.


Its due to overcharge battery buy new one .

Yes I just said that, like a week ago.

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<span><a href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/user/5362-djayz/" title=""><span>djayz</span></a> OKay i'</span>ll buy a new one but mine Laptop battery was a Lithium/Li-ion Battery and i've heard that they have no overcharging effect anyways i'll probably buy a new one</p><p>	Thanks