Accessing another computer on the same network

hi guys

i am using PTCL DSL behind a wireless TP-Link Router

i wanna know that how can i see what the other computer is browsing or accessing on the internet.

i mean only see what he is browsing or downloading.




remote desktop

Maybe you can install vnc server on the other computer and vnc viewer on your computer. Then you can remotely control or view the other computer. there any way to have a log of the browsing history of another client on network without enabling/installing any thing on their end????

What you want isn't possible using router only. I perfectly understand why you might want that. I also tried to fin a similar solution bu failed.

i want to know that because my elder brother uses the other system and i wanna know that what he is up to

It is possible by using a proxy server.

you mean by setting proxy server on my computer and the other should be client

ISA server/client i guess is useful...but in my search for this thing i guess setting up a server is the best option. otherwise routers are just bridges with less protocols to provide user end info specially these cheap Chinese routers i.e TP-link and TENDA.