Access banned websites & Softwares

Hey if you want to access to banned to website just visit. . or download the program from to get access to banned programs like LOTRO.

Since when is LOTRO banned?

Lords of the Rings Online, i bought a new MIS motherboard with two codemasters game one Colin Mcrae Rally and other the Lords of the Rings Online . When i try to play online it was unable to connect the server , i know the reason since it was unable to establish the connection due to IP banning , seed the Codemasters forum , there other people was also the same problem like me , then i did a research and found the program , afterwards i was able to access their servers , but beforce i play the game online , a mandatory update of staggering 1 Gb was required , I was on Dial-UP , simply i deleted the game , and let the others to solve this problem

Note ::: When i posted this program on Codemasters Forum website , they banned me permanenlty. LOL