AC - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I am considering purchasing a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC..

I like to place AC above my bed.

I heard it it will automatically reduce air pressure if room get too cold by default (auto mode)?? but is it possible to switch on high, mode, low mode and stay like that all the time like other typical AC? I would like my room to get super cold!

What is the cost of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC 1.5 ton including installation?

I heard read good review about Gree I might consider that.

i have a mitsubishi electronic converter cooling of one ton. it works o.k .very good works very well.

mitsubishi srk 19 ch 61.5 ton 3 star split ac price

Rs 41 , 980.

What you are referring to is Fan Speed. Nearly every air conditioner has this option.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC 1.5 ton costs around Rs. 60,000/-

The Mitsubishi air conditioner does not comes with installation kit. You will have to buy it separately.

The installation along with installation kit costs around Rs. 4000/-

Gree is also good but Mitsubishi is better than Gree.