AC Making it Rain

I have HAIER split AC installed in my room and apparently it is making PHUWAAR literally, sprinkling water from indoor unit.

What could be the issue, I am unable to feel the breeze of this AC

Experts advice needed :D

Buy an umbrella too...

Maybe the pipe is leaked or broken inside the unit?

I think the only solution is to get it checked by some technician.

Broken\blocked drain system. Get it serviced by a technician ASAP ... continued use could lead to permanent damage to electronic components or a fire hazard.

Indoor unit pipe (for water drainage) may be damaged/cut or blocked. Get it checked.

Check indoor unit water drain pipe - a plastic pipe - check it for breakage and blockage and see if it is properly aligned to keep water flowing out and not pooling inside the unit.

there is nothing LEAKAGE , it is bcz of 2 reasons ,

number one is the indoor unit DC motor problem , if it will b running SLOW then the cooling will not b dissipated properly and thus form ICE on the inner unit lining and that cause the water to come with the air .

just turn on the ac on full cooling and when it starts RAINING :) then open the inner LID and remove the filter and u can see the ice is there on the linings .

IF not , the other possible cause is that the level of your inner unit is out . please check the water is draining properly from the plastic pipe outside or not . u can do this check by a simple method ,

just grab a jug full of water , turn off the a/c and switch too , best to remove the plug from the socket also . and open the inner unit LID and start pouring CAREFULLY the water under the fan (TRAY) the water should flow towards the drainage pipe and not split out . Also check the proper amount of water u r pouring is coming out from the drainage pipe out of the room .

because of this water the humidity is increasing in the room and thus u r not feeling comfortable .

Good luck

and happy raining :)

It's due to low gas.

U showed get it service and fill gas.

U showed get it service and fill gas.

Is misubishi is a good ac planing to buy one

^ Very good.

Yes ... Indeed mitsubishi is da best ..