Abnormal mouse scroll wheel

From last two days my mouse is behaving strange. When i scroll down or up, it slightly goes in opposite direction and then it goes in the required direction. Which is indeed frustrating. Please any help with this issue.

I've googled alot,but no help. I assume the nature of problem is software based not hardware.

I have mouse(brand: DANY) and OS running is WIn7 32bit.

^ Wireless?

^nop! Wired.

time to replace the mouse

I just bought this mouse last month. So i'm currently looking for a solution. Last mouse i used lasted for 3years.


Replace your mouse with laser type and get rid f that kind of headache.

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Replace your mouse with laser type and get rid f that kind of headache.


I guess he is already using the optical mouse :blink:

DANY boy has lost it I guess.

I had replied to this topic. Was it deleted? How did that happen?? Is it because of the new forum design??

Anyway, i replied that its a hardware issue since the cheap mice usually have this problem. Their scroll wheel stops working after a some time. I had bought one for my home and the scroll wheel stop working after a couple of days.

Does the Dany mouse come with some CD, if yes install the Driver from the CD there might be additional controls to control sensitivity

if not time to change the mouse

There was a disk i installed the driver from there too. But no use.


workin fine wid me...although when the battery of my wireless mouse gets weak such thing happens...!

@ Ahmed Talal

It was happening to all the other sites programs, etc. But i solved it.

I opened the mouse and cleaned it i saw a little drop of gummy liquid on the tip of the scroll wheel, cleaned it and it is working fine again. Every thing is back to normal. Thanks everyone for suggestions(even it didn't help) :P

Congrats then :D


Good Replacement time delayed....

This type of problem some times happens to my mouse also and i think it is not related to hardware, you problem solved by cleaning up drop of water..... i have even changed ten mouse/mice and still have this problem but i figured it out that when ever i connect my computer to internet through cell phone the pointer of mouse move automatically so i think the signal disturbs the mouse/mice :D .

Well according to me it seems its time to go for and purchase a new mouse.... :D

Buy a superb ball mouse.... There will be no problem in this mouse.... Because there is no scroll wheel :lol: ... Agr khrab ho bhi jaye tu ball ku nikalu then rub it and enjoy.... Dont forget to say thnx