Aafridi and Lolly Pop...!

So it is proved again that Shahid Aafridi still needs a lolly pop in his hands instead of a cricket bat! Yes Dudes...! I m talking about the warm up match between Pakistan & India which is continuing this time! U all people observed his "Stylish" Bating..? If not..then i tell u that he simply came to pitch...faced the first ball of Irfan Pathan...Tried to hit hard the ball..and as usually...Ball touched the bat...and went towards Dhoni...So our Aafridi went to Pavilion within 5 minutes...! :mad:

Wot a Childish Crickter he is!

At that ocassion we have lost our 3 wickets at the score of 45...!

Final Score is 158 and india has just to begin its innings..!

In the end...i will again remind u..that Aafridi will not grown up and he still needs a Lolly Pop..!

i bless Afridi with all those "WORDS", that will kick me out of this forum

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i bless Afridi with all those “WORDS”, that will kick me out of this forum

Hahahahhaha :D

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i bless Afridi with all those “WORDS”, that will kick me out of this forum

X 2

he need some thing EXTRA

Afridi is just one player. The entire Pakistan team's outlook is so disappointing. They seem absolutely un-motivated and unhappy for some reason.

this team just doesnt have that charm and aura and charisma that a typical pakistan cricket team is supposed to have.

pakistan used to be the team of comebacks, one of the most unpredictable teams in international sports. pakistan was to cricket as manU is to footbal, alas, not so much anymore.. :( i hope the glory days come back.

seems everybody is playing for themselves. Not for the team.

nobody was happy with Shoaib malik as captain. and nobody is happy with younis ..

I hope we ll do better in Main game.

Pakistan needs imran nazir as an opener.

Cricket? What is that :P..

Pakistani Team is completely rubbish now. Afridi is the most immature player that i have ever seen. For god sake, There's more to batting then just trying to smash every ball out of the park. He's such a good batsman but i dont know why he tries to hit every ball. He should spend time on the crease first and then once he's settled then go for the big shots..

I think he has taken the Pathan/Afridi hype to heart,

that every time he swings at bat, a six (or at least a

four) is expected of him. With the result that he puts

such pressure on himself that it ironically sets him up

for failure, more often than not.

His fans don't seem to care or mind, that the team

can ill afford Afridi Antics. In Peshawar, I have seen

people leave in droves, after Afridi strikes out. It

would seem they are there only there to see him

smash a couple out of the park, not to see Pakistan

win or lose. Afridi is playing cricket for Pakistan, not

representing the Ringling Bros, or Lucky Irani Circus.

To his credit, Afridi has of late, proven himself with a

ball and in the field. Often overshadowing the regular

bowlers, he has become somewhat of a partnership

breaker and is now called-in specially to do that.

Afridi fans, if they are sincerely behind him, would not

stand up and demand a 6, from his first ball at bat. It

is hurting Afridi and the team. Let him get comfortable

on the crease and the sixes will come.




Sheikh 'Medium Pacer' Chilli

pakistan has lost its charm in cricket...

no cricket...

I bet our women cricket team will perform better. Sissy guys playing cricket.


no our blinds are the best

they r world chaps yar

wowwwwwwww v r on a losing side :)...will this losing streak ever end??!!!!!!!!!!

NO Cricket! Watch Football! and always feel that winnig side is yours! :D

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NO Cricket! Watch Football! and always feel that winnig side is yours! :D

nah i only lov arsenal in league

Its time to completely remove this game.Its just a waste of time.

last night game was like Australia vs Kenya , indians were really playing that match as warm up match our players were trying their best like it was semi final or final lol .

Afridi dont need bat or lollypop in his hand he needs something else , poor batting + bowling . :)


by the way, u never know with pakistan, anything can happen. never bet on pakistan, risky.