A superfast internet connection for 2k/month

Any suggestions any one ?

i wanna play mmo games and download and upload torrent on private trackers like iptorrent.com

Any Help any one?

You dont have many options here in pakistan, whats the point to ask here? You can only get 4mb at most for 2k per month PTCL.

Where are you located?

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Taru , i live in North Nazimabad Block A...

any good connections in mind for that area?

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Taru , i live in North Nazimabad Block A…
any good connections in mind for that area?
You need a fiber optic internet connection and I’m afraid your only option may be PTCL.

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Go for ptcl 4 mb

Depending on your area, and provided you want this superfast speed at off hours, some ISPs like Connect may be suitable. What is superfast? If you truly want a fast connection, consider emigration. #justsaying

Please remember Ptcl is now applying taxes on your broadband fee, so a 2mb connection with new taxes, line rent and it's taxes etc cost about 2300 PKR. A 4mb connection will have more taxes.

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Source please

Does this apply to student packages? Does this mean the amount over PKR1,500 is taxed or the whole amount if the service charge exceeds 1500? Because PTCL is a monopoly, a fixed number is a bad idea. Soon all packages will cost over 1,500 anyway.

-----excerpt -->>>>

The budget proposes to withdraw sales tax exemption on internet and broadband services. However, internet services of up to Rs1,500 per month shall enjoy exemption for the benefit of students and households.

Among new services, beauty parlors (exceeding annual turnover of up to Rs3.6m) and race clubs are proposed to be brought in the tax net.

The beautician services would be taxed at a reduced rate of 10pc.

The Sindh government has accepted the offer made by the Sindh Chapter of the Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP) to pay Sindh sales tax at a reduced rate of 4pc without any input tax adjustment. The bed tax of 7.5pc is proposed to be withdrawn.

However, hotels would continue to pay only Sindh sales tax on their services.

<<<< ------ end----


You have only one choice, PTCL with 4mb, it will cost you around 2580, if you don't used ptcl landmine , tariff details = 2100 DSL charges + 250 line rent + 30 cli + taxes = nearly Rs. 2580/-, however you can use ptcl land line for calling ptcl numbers only for no extra bucks.

Go for ptcl 4 mb

Monkeys are now applying the taxes on broadband ,FED 19.5percent..on 2Mbps the FED is around 304 rs.. Choor bazari..

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For mmo i also like to play them but ping it sucks, :ph34r: no feature for gamers(those who play) just play for fun or wait for a decade.........

if you don't mention 2K .. and if money is no problem then

Data Through put (Mbps)

Green Zone

<01 Mbps


01 Mbps


02-10 Mbps


11-20 Mbps


>20<45 Mbps


>45<75 Mbps


>75 Mbps


these are co-operate packages for cooperate clients and Download and upload is same because its full duplex connection . i am telling you this from an authorized source .. agar apne 75 Mbps ka net lagvana hai tu apko 2800 per mb package kay hisaab say Rs 210000 , 2 lakh 10 hazar ruppee per month dena hoga . ye hai ji super fast net in pakistan .. vesay discount bhi ho jata hai agar ap insay baat kerlo tu .. aur inki service aisi nahi kay apko ghanta say ziyada bhi kabhi net may koi masla ho kissi bhi din, seedha apki problem solve kernay kay liyay technical staff pohanch jae ga. aisa main aksar apni university may dekh chuka hun.. wateen

^ Nice try Wateen employee.

PTCL is best

PTCL 4MB Package is the best option for you, if you live in Pakistan. If you can raise your budget then you can also go for 8MB PTCL package.

nice information thanks

IN Pakistan PTCL Braodband is the nest option in front of you..