A Question Regarding Selection Between i3 & i5 Laptop

Hello all,

I just wanted to know it from people with sound knowledge of computer hardware that for general purpose use and running engineering softwares, how much beneficial would it be to have core i5 instead of core i3 ?

My question arises from choosing the acer aspire 5742 model which comes powered by i3 and i5. The i3 model costs 41k and i5 model costs 49k. Also the i3 model comes with 2GB RAM and i5 model with 4GB. In comparison I saw i5 model had "VGA" but i3 one did not have.i3 is clocked at 2.4GHz and i5 with 2.53 GHz

So is the extra spending of 8k worth the gain in performance ? Also if I buy i3 model and want to upgrade my RAM would it cost lower than the additional money I would otherwise spend in buying i5 model. What do you advise ?

i guess its not wise to buy Core i - First Gen! based laptop now :)

I think difference in cpu power won't be noticable. However 4G of RAM would serve better if you use heavy softwares. So figure out yourself, if cost of upgrading RAM to 4G narrows the gap between two then go for core i5, otherwise core i3 would be enough.

I have a sony i3 and its awsome. Moreover RAM is also 4GB.

Go for i3.

Its wise to buy first gen i series now.

Go for i5-2410m 2.3 Ghz with turbo 2.9Ghz.

Has intel HD 3000 and its great for day to day use and some light gaming if need be.

i5-2410m laptop should cost you about 55K or so , but its totally worth it.

Thanks. What 2nd gen offers than 1st gen i series doens't ?

Also found another pretty interesting deal


i5 all the way.

check czone.com.pk

they have a very good IBM notebook fitted with 2nd gen corei5

see this

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Thanks. What 2nd gen offers than 1st gen i series doens't ?


To understand what the 2nd generation has to offer click on link below