A Question about Air Conditioner

Well I have Kenwood emerald series 1.5 ton split AC bought last year.

Last year it ran fine but this season its giving some problem and strange one too.

At night time it runs fine but in afternoon when start the AC, it starts cooling but after 5 mins it blowing hot air instead of cool air..... after 5 more mins I aslo heard the outdoor unit's fan making a strange sound (like if the fan got loosen from its axis/or wobbling) and stopped. So i tuned off the AC and started it again and ran it for 10 to 15 mins but AC was not emitting cool air in the room just fan air. During this time the outdoor unit's fan was also not running.....So than i turned off the AC again.

After in evening after 5 PM i started it again, it ran fine like it should also in the night time as well.

and this is happening from last 3 days.... it doesn't run properly in afternoon between 2 to 4 pm

what could be the problem?

and one more thing, the outdoor unit is on the roof with no shelter on it what so ever....

I guess i better ask a AC technician.

you have electricity to run AC?????? :|

^ oh yea i forgot to mention "when" I have electricity.... now continue reading my 1st post...

Your Compressor trips in the high heat in teh afternoon is One possibility. Usually this only happens if teh AC is old. 2nd possibility is Voltage may be low. Best is to use a Volt meter (or get an electrician) to check

You dug up an old post my friend!

Well it turned out to be the voltage problem.... the transformer of my area was sharing the load the of another area at that time. As soon as they fixed the other transformer.... problem was fixed.