A new Era of Flatfile CMS is emerging

Is it too good to be true: Yes it is. Now you can manage a full site with just few files without any database. Its called a Flatfile CMS and the popularity of wordpress is going to drop because of them.

What is Flatfile CMS:

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A flat-file CMS is a content management system that stores content in files and folders rather than in a database like a traditional CMS. A database-driven CMS needs to query a database to retrieve content but with a flat-file CMS the content is readily-accessible in a simple file and folder structure. This might sound like you can only create basic sites with limited functionality with a flat-file CMS but that isn’t the case


Source: http://www.typeandgrids.com/blog/goodbye-wordpress-2014-will-be-the-year-of-flat-file-cmses

For small scale websites (only), it looks good.

Wiasay i try to aviod database as much possible in my projects.

I think SQLite is a much more preferable way of storing a database than others like e.g, MySQL. First there is no server involved and second, with SQLite v3.0+, the functions and objects available have increased, giving much power and ease to the user.

Interesting. I have used flat file chat scripts long ago but not a CMS. Small business websites and/or personal blogs with low traffic might benefit from this.

Symfony's CMF looks very promising as well @ http://cmf.symfony.com/

Haven't used it personally but I believe is it based on same principals.

As far as flat times CMS era, that is a bit far-stretched. It may work for smaller sites, but the overhead of managing assets (css/js/images) may not be worth it. You are better of using wordpress or alike for that.

My 2 cents...