A lot of channels on worldcall digital service are down constantly?

i have noticed that during the day, about 25 channels (out of about 60) on worldcall digital service are down. Either they are giving no service/signal message or the picture

is not there.

At late night it gets worse.

Do other WC digital subscribers have similar problem in karachi????

Am having problems but not with 25/60 channels...more like 5-10 channels....have you tried re-tuning your box?

what frequency do you use to retune your box.

I am using 625 (starting frequency) -999 (ending frequency)

is your box from the company, "coship" as well??

Yup, using the same frequency and have Coship.

Give them a call....might be a defective box issue. Mine hangs up every now and then and I have to give it a cold reboot.....meaning unplug from wall....let it chill and then plug it back :)

ok now i am not getting 40 channels...looks like i will have to give them a call

jack, if you are able to tune the full lineup of WC Digital

channels (62+), but on some of them get a black screen

with a message like, "No Signal", then it would seem that

there is issue with signal strength and/or bad connectors

and splitters. If the message is "Stream Pause", then of-

course it is a problem with WC headend and you can do

little about it at home.

We were suffering from Signal problems and after looking

high and low and isolating the problem, it turned out that

the splitter installed by WC were faulty, along with their

cable connectors. Replaced them ourselves and now we

are getting all available channels.

During installation they are usually in a hurry to get to other

jobs and are not as careful and thorough, as one ought to

be, when hooking you up. Any stray silver strand in the co-

axial touching the copper and you are in trouble.

Lastly, when they come over, make sure that you have

at least 90%+ (94-96% normally) Signal Strength indicated

for your channels that are tuned-in and are getting the

full gamut (60+) of channels.

Anything less, and you are not getting all that you have

paid for.




Sheikh 'The Juice' Chilli

ok... thanks shiekh, first i am gonna see if i can get a new splitter and lets see what happens then.