A Level - solutions of past papers

Is there any website or book where I can find solutions of past papers of AS/A Level (Physics)? I tried to look around on web, but couldn't find anything useful.

I did find past papers on xtremepapers.net , but no luck in finding solutions to the problems. OR if there's no such website in the whole world wide web, then any sort of book available in market?

I have been experimenting with problems from past papers and they are nicely constructed and very conceptual. You do get stuck in a place or two =/

Get Redspot solved pastpapers, or ask your teacher.. it's way better than reading solutions.




www.freeexampapers.com (chck spelling)

All past papers, marking scheme etc etc

^^^ Thanks dude...was looking for last years Islamiat O level paper....and your link came just in time...

Thanks Zazzyo. So Red Spot publishers has solution manuals of A Levels past papers..

EDIT: I wasn't aware of this Mark Scheme thingy.. that's a great help as well !! No need of solutions now.. Thanks guys! I'm not quite aware of the terminology they use.. qp, ms , etc =/

^ QP = question paper

S = Summers (may june)

W = Winters

MS = Marking scheme

Paper 13 means paper 1 (third copy) e.g. a level maths has s09_ms_p11.pdf paper 1, copy a, june 2009 marking scheme etc

Oh so u were unaware of mark schemes... well u must be unaware of examiner reports aswell. I suggest you read examiner reports which discuss each question briefly by the examiner. The examiner report file is written by 'er' i guess. it'll be like s09_9709_er.pdf ...

hdaackda, thanks.

Zazzyo, yep, I haven't done A Level. I'm the Fsc guy =) I'm past Fsc but just need them for practice. Will come in handy for electricity & magnetism course in university. Will check out the examiner reports as well.

Strange that a fsc guy is doing A lvls past papers. I find Fsc material so tough to study in ECAT :D.. or maybe its just oo many formulas unlike in A lvls.

And Fsc guys usually find A Level type of questions tough :P There's a difference in approaches of both systems.. A Level emphasize more on concepts, graphs and board system wants long, decorated notes on questions. Good luck for your ECAT. Do study from the textbooks as questions do come from books and you will have to rattalize many names and values as well.

Ye ive got pure 6 months to prepare for ECAT i guess. Thats wa im planning. Rattaize Fsc tect books :D