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ok so i googled it and i couldnt really find an answer i was looking for. so my question is this

i plan on doing my bachelors in computer sciences inshAllah and right now im doing a levels with subjects physics, chemistry , math and computing. my question is, when u need to convert ur marks to matriculation (i.e equivalence), 3 A levels subjects are required. do these three subjects, in my case , HAVE to be physics, chemistry and maths, cant i chose like physics, math and computing for equivalence?

^ no you yourself cant choose in A-level, however, in o level from urdu, ps and islamiat the one with the highest grade is chosen.

And if you get 3A's, you wont be getting more than 930 marks out of 1100. This is according to last year, I dont know abt this year as there is a new A* grade

just go to ibcc.edu.pk....u'll get all info regarding equilance...n this conversion is to be done at admission tym...n now the mark threshold has been expanded from 930/1100 to 990/1100 after the introduction of A* at 90% above......5subjects are choosen from O-level math, english compulsary and rest with max. grade..3 prefered A-level subjects are choosen as per under grad. program....for instance i've given Bio, Phy, Chem and Math...and i want to do MBBS then Bio, Phy, Chem will be credited and choosen!. whereas if you have phy, chem, math and further math.. n u want to do eng. then u'll be given Double credit for further math...so this is the game hea!

British System and Equivalent

GCE O Level, GCSE, IGCSE and Equivalent:-

GCE O Level and 10 years schooling in any education system is considered equivalent to Secondary School Certificate ( SSC ) subject to meeting the requirements as under:

Pakistan Based Examination (local exam): Eight subjects including English, Urdu, Islamiyal, Pakistan Studies, Mathematic and three electives.

Overseas Based Examinations (overseas exam): Five subjects including English, Mathematics and three electives ( other than Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu ).

To qualify for Science Group it is necessary to pass Physics, Chemistry, Biology or (* Computer studies / * Information Communication Technology / * Information Technology / * Additional Mathematic / * Pure Mathematics). Rest will be placed in General / Humanities Group.

* The relaxation will not be allowed to the students who will pass 'O' level examination in the academic year 2009 and onward with the condition that such an equivalence of SSC (Science Group) will not be valid for HSSC (Pre-Medical Group) even if Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are passed at 'A' level or in any other system.

GCE A Level and Equivalent

GCE O & A Level and 12/13 years of schooling is considered equivalent to Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC/Intermediate) subject to meeting the specified requirements for various streams / groups as under:

Pre-Medical Group: Eight (local exam)/Five (overseas exam)

O Level subjects (including English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology/Computer Studies/ICT/IT/Add Mathematics/Pure Mathematics) and Three A Level (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) with minimum 'E' Grade.

Pre-Engineering Group; Eight (local exam)/Five (overseas exam)

O Level subjects ( including English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology/Computer Studies/ICT/IT/Add Mathematics/Pure Mathematics and three A Level subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) with minimum 'E' Grade.

General Science Group: Eight (local exam)/Five (overseas exam)

O Level subjects (not eligible for admission into Engineering and Medical Colleges) and three A Level subjects as per list at SUBJECTS REQUIRED FOR EQUIVALENCE

Humanities Group: Eight (local exam)/Five (overseas exam) O Level subjects including English with three A Level subjects ( not eligible for admission into Engineering and Medical Colleges).

Conversion of Marks

A. Equivalence of O-level Grades

The equivalence of O-level and A-level qualifications is determined through criteria as marks for each subject are taken to be 100.

For conversion of marks (before academic year 2006), five subjects are taken at O level, Where in English as compulsory subject, three elective subjects and one subject with best grade are taken. These 5 subjects carry 500 marks, which are equated to the marks of 8 subjects at Matric level, carrying 850 marks. The total which is out of 500, is then used to calculate the percentage (marks) as per given below example.

Suppose, a student has earned following grades in O-level.

Subject Grade Subject Grade Subject Grade Subject Grade

English A Physics B Chemistry C Mathematics C

Pak.Studies B Islamiat B Urdu D Biology C

4. Computing marks equivalent to Matriculation.

S.# Subject Grade Total Marks Remarks Marks obtained

1. English A 100 85 -

2. Physics B 100 75 -

3. Chemistry C 100 65 -

4. Mathematics C 100 65 Better than Biology grade.

5. Pak Studies B 100 75 Better of all excluding above 4 subjects. Total: 500 365

5. The equivalent marks in Matriculation (out of 850) are then calculated as,365÷500 x 850= 620.5 say 621/850 marks.

b. Equivalence of A-level Grades

The marks equivalent to A-level are computed using the above stated total marks (out of 500) 'O' level. Add to these, the marks for the three subjects of A-level (science group) using the above table. Thus the total obtained against 800 is then used to work out percentage marks for Intermediate as per given below example.

(i) Suppose grades of the above mentioned student in A-level are:

Subject Grade Subject Grade Subject Grade Chemistry C Physics B Mathematics A

(ii) Computing marks of A level equivalent to Intermediate:

S.# Subject Grade Total-Marks Marks-obtained O-level Marks -- 500 365

1. Chemistry C 100 65

2. Physics B 100 75 3. Mathematics A 100 85

Total: 800 590

(iii) The equivalent marks in Intermediate (out of 1100) are then calculated as, 590÷800x1100=811/1100. Where as in case of Arts/Humanities group 2 subject at 'A' level are taken for calculating against marks of 5 subjects of 'O' plus 2 subjects of 'A' levels into 1100 and divided by 700 OR 365+160= 525x1100 = 825/1100.

Cool story, bro.

I got 8 A's in o olevels and a B in islamiyat (i had an A in Add maths instead) , can anyone please help me make out my equivalence .. please reply

can i get my alevels equivalence with physics maths and urdu?

Just look here people: http://www.ibcc.edu.pk/

most probably NO...u need decent subjects accepatable by IBCC...heres an example...if u want equilance for eng. and you have subjects phy,chem,math n bio....bio will not be considered and certificate wid equilance of mth,phy n chem would be taken....same with medical...so you need a combination which is equated on IBCC's scale not yours...and if you want to go out(UK and elsewhere) then only phy & math are required for eng.(not including chemical, petroleoum etc).....

@sah: That site is useless. Most of the links don't even work. Last year, Google had a malware warning attached to its search result.

^ I believe all you need is the equivalence form which is available in the download section. Stuff everything in a nice big envelope and mail it to them.

i think this threa shud be closed cuz now Ahmad Anas got admission in BCS at FAST Lahore

in my class.. in my section .. :/


^That's cool. Congrats Ahmed (and ShoukaT).

I did my IGCSE from Abudhabi, UAE in 5 subjects (eng,math,economics,business studies,accounts)

and currently i m planning to do my ALevels once again from Abudhabi,UAE in(business studies and economics)


salam i cleared 2 A level subjects economics and accountancy...... r they suffient for gettin equivalence? plz reply soon.... i already cleared 8 subjects in o levels.....


No equivalence would be offered without Islamiat and Pakistan Studies! (There is a rule in the constitution of Pakistan regarding this)


2 subjects are enough for equivalence to FA . My brother used Urdu and Accounts. (This was like in 2006 so the rules might have changed)

you can get your equivalence from the board which is ibcc.com.pk , i got my equivalence from this board in o-levels easily , do not worry about A-level because after A-level , both your O and A level grades will be counted to calculate for admission in Bachelors

Really informative post by Mazahyr.


Hey guys gud news....now IBCC has announced that the new grade A* is given 95 score in conversion...and if you get an A above 85% then ur actuall percentage will be taken for conversion...so now this means that A-level students can score more then FSc guys...lyk 95% of 1100 is 1045...! this session highest score was 1041...thank God now we can score more.!!