A huge range of zalman psu

this is a Public service ad for forum members.

BRAND new boxed zalman PSU available, direct from importer... a huge range of zalman PSU for dirt cheap prices for stock clearance.

Zalman ZM series and other series Full range of psu new box packed condition
(Note: on specific order, zalman 850w, 1000w (minimum 4 psu each))
Majority units are 80+ 87% efficiency certified.

price for retail customers are following ( you can check Newegg , amazon,lowyat and other web for prices)
zm600.glx/lx non modular price 4500 final
zm600.gt modular complete cable price 4800 final
zm500 glx/lx price 2850 final
zm 500w modular complete cables price 3700 final
zm700.glx/lx price 5200 final
zm400. non modular brand price 2200 final

remember these are new with box and everything ( if psu need in used condition
without box and accesories and manual than few psu available on DEMAND)

for price shopkeepers / Bulk buyers minimum unit purchase for extra discount.
10 - + pcs zm600.glx/lx non modular
15 - + pcs zm600.gt modular complete cable
10 - + pcs zm 500w modular complete cables
15 - + pcs zm700.glx/lx non mod
These are carton packed, so pics are irrelevant of a cardboard box.. all psu are boxed brand new. check warranty only. Zalman is a Highly rated brand for Cooling and PSU products.
only when buying, PM me for contact info and placing order...you will get shipped to your home address from the importer..
specs can seen online for every model. google them
eg 600gt quad rail 20A each rail..