A Good Graphic Card

Salam! can anyone suggest me a good graphic card between 8000 to 12000, and a good psu brand and model, and also is a card with 256-bit ddr3 better than a one with 128-bit and ddr5, both having like 1 Gb memomry bandswidth


Nvidia GTX 550Ti

Nvidia GTS 450

Nvidia GTS 250

Radeon HD 6770

Radeon HD 6750





A 128-bit DDR5 is faster than a 256-bit DDR3, as long as they have similar specs.

As for suggestions, Get the AMD HD6750, for 11500, or the Nvidia GTS 450, which is also for 11500.

thanks to all of you.

Spend a wee bit more an get a 6790. Will handle all games with ease.

@jDk, well i usually dont play games at higher resolutions, thx for ur suggestions anyways... :)