A Few Questions

Hello all.Basically right now i have a Maxcom connection.My package expires in April/May and i have been thinking of changing my ISP to LINKdotNET as its tariffs are considerably cheaper.I have a few questions:

1)Maxcom had converted my phone line to DSL.If i stop my service with them will it still be converted for DSL or will i have to go through the process all over again and will LINKdotNET have to convert it again themselves.How easy is this process?

2)Is LINKdotNET worth it?Their packages may be cheaper but I am pretty happy with my Maxcom connection and things have been running very smoothly with them so far but cost is an issue and i also want to see what else is being offered.Any insight?

Thanks in advance.

Please post in the dedicated Maxcom and Linkdotnet threads in the Internet Service section.

1 - You will have ot get a termination letter from Maxcom. Then LDN will install their equipment in the exchange. It is a relatively simple process.

2 - Read the LDN thread to get an idea about the service of LDN. I doubt you will get better service with LDN as compared to Maxcom.