A company email address

Can someone tell me the procedure for getting an email address for a company?

I can purchase the domain name so that the address will get the proper look like blahblah@"companyname".com

I don't know much abt this so full fledge information is highly appreciated.

Plz tell me abt a good hosting company and where to buy domain from?

Edit: Do isps' also offer email addresses?

Search the forum for "domain registration" and web hosting information. Domain registration will teach you how to buy a domain name and you will need an email hosting provider to handle the email for you.

IMO a better alternative to commercial web hosting providers is to use google for email hosting. It offers better spam protection, gmail like webmail as well as pop3 access and is completely free. I use it myself.

@ Thriller if you need help registering domains you can contact me..

i can offer you much cheaper rates than any other company or person...

and you domain will be registered in Godaddy.com which is kinda the biggest domain registrar...

Get your own domain and setup a Google apps account...

Yes I would second. Google apps is the best solution !

Thanks alot everyone..

i recommend www.register.com

as it is a very reliable source for registring any domain name aswell as hosting a website

I bought a domain name just now from google..

I have even been charged and received the email for the order placement. I don't know what to do now.

When i try to sign up for google apps using the domain name i just registered i get this message

"This domain has already been registered with Google Apps. Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this domain."

please help..

EDIT: Ok i've got it! thanks :)

now that i hv bought the domain, can some one suggest me some website designer or some website designer company that can make a website for me?

what do web designers normally charge for a standard website?

bump.. Anyone?