8Mb/s upgrade

AoA, guys, So today was my last exam and right after getting home, I went to my ptcl exchange to ask them to upgrade my connection from 4Mb/s to 8Mb/s (just saw that the 8MB package no longer had a 100GB download limit).

So anyways, the dsl guy told me that there's a new promotion to upgrade 4mbps customers to 8mbps for free, and he said I should avail this by calling 1236. He told me the details of the promo and its rather good. Here's a link I found for it: http://www.ptcl.com.pk/Home/PressReleaseDetail/?ItemId=446&linkId=130

So I got home, called 1236, and that guy told me that only a select number of customers were given this offer and I should wait for other offers. I asked him what was the criteria for those "select few" customers, and he went on about how my line doesn't support it probably. I told him my line had great stats, and he just went on in a roundabout way like there's nothing that can be done and the offer can only be given automatically from the backend.

Now I normally wouldn't be mad at this, except that there was such an offer around october/november last year for customers who got an internet connection back then, and ptcl pulled the same bullshit with me back then too. They told me that the upgrade is only given automatically and I'll have to wait, and that if my line meets the requirements, I'll get it. ....I never got the upgrade.

I'd like advice from members about whether I can somehow still obtain the promotion, or if I should just call it quits and pay for the 8Mb/s.

My line stats are attached.


Whatsup ! First get in touch with the exchange dsl supervisor & tell him about your problem.. Your line parameters are NOT at all great .. Poor Noise Margin at even 1Mbps synchronization,forget 8Mbps , you will face hugeee disconnections.Its copper line? secondly get connection from msag(ONU) on that u would be able to run 8Mbps .. Conditions for it should ave decent copper cable till your dp , its its NOT in good condition then you will face prob with fiber line too because the last mile is copper .BTW ptcl is a shyyt service

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His line parameters are laid out in reverse order to

the usual, ie; upstream first, and then downstream.


Downstream: SNR (35.9), Atten (17)

Upstream: SNR (8.6) Atten (13.8)

You are on optical fibre, correct ?. Then a 8 Mbps

connection should not be a problem.

Sheikh 'Go For It!' Chilli

general questions..

To get highest speed, Copper or Fibre optic?

To get IptV, copper of fibre?

to get both and still have good speeds, copper or fibre?

is it possible to go from copper to fibre and then back to copper? i heard once you go fibre, you canot go back to copper..??

Thanks for correction sir.. Yes his connection is perfect .. Go for 8Mbps

1 fibre

2Fibre. It works smooth on it without those disconnection.I had it..

3 fibre is reliable, max you can suck around 8Mbps on it ..I dont think adsl will support these linea further.

4 yes your number gets changed .. Yu can go back if they doesn't allott that nm to someone else

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