8mb dsl performance

Is there anyone who is using dsl package of 8 mb speed with smart tv? If I am on copper line then my dsl package of ptcl with 8 mb speed will be effected and my internet will be disconnected frequently. If I am using the 8 mb package and I am on copper line or fibre optic is not available in my area then how will it effect on the performance of smart tv? I am interested in smart tv app for PC instead of smart tv with set top box. If I am watching the movie through the smart tv app for PC and my internet will disconnect while I am watching the movie then I will have to select the movie again and play the movie again from the beginning if electronic program guide is available in smart tv app for PC?

hasanevanof Copper cannot afford 2Mb+ connections.2MB is the maximum limit of Copper wires,I ordered Smart TV some months ago but my lineman sent it back because i was having copper wiring.My lineman told me that Copper cannot run Smart TV :(

Copper can offer more than 2Mb, i know this because i have been on copper and was able to achieve 7-8 Mb of download.

smartTV needs 2Mb and if u have attainable 2Mb+ speed left and ur copper line is decent then u will not experience any issues.

Copper vs fiber
All PTCL clients are on copper because i never heard from anyone that PTCL have brought the fiber to their home but still somewhere in between exchange and clients premises line shifts to fiber depending on the wiring.

My attainable on copper was 7.5Mb and on fiber its 21Mb. My neighbor has a parallel line offering 23.4 Mb. Its because my line has a joint from my home till pole.

Welcome to the year 70’s network of PTCL.
They still need minimum 10 years to achieve the performance they are selling at the moment in more than 90 % areas where they have some coverage.

PTA was supposed to keep an eye on the quality they are selling to their Citizens but as we all know its not gonna happen and would take at least one generation to make things better.

Bibo So that means my lineman is lying.

They aren't qualified technical support. So i wouldn't depend on them.

My case:
I was on copper and had some disconnections. I was by the dsl lineman that 4mb will not work on my line, while he was telling me all this i was able to achieve 7-8 Mb. He didnt believe me but when he saw the download rate he said " dont know wats the problem " After making some noise broadband lineman told me i must move my line to fiber and i did that. After changing my line fiber i had the same issue.

So this is what happens if someone who doesn’t know much but would want to claim that he knows everything .

I would recommend using the routerstats software to log the line stats for lets say at least few hours. And also check the download rate using a download manager.

One can replace the copper wire by fibre optic? I think that if the quality of the copper wire or fiber optic is excellent then one can get better results from high speed connection of dsl. Now the ptcl has also introduced CharJi evo device whose speed is up to 36mbps and landline connection is not required for CharJi evo. Anyone who want to use high speed internet connection smoothly can avail it

True, they are offering charJi

20 & 30Gb FUP

Was hoping to see more reviews here

Would be helpful

[quote=“Bibo, post:8, topic:21380”]

True, they are offering charJi 20 & 30Gb FUP


I think 25 and 50 Gb are the limits.

Which package of DSL you are using now or in the past. What is the speed of ur package?