7 Secret Places Banned to the Public

interesting click to view http://green-buzz.net/environment/7-secret-places-banned-to-the-public/

yaar don't do spamming.

Dude he is not spamming, you need to check the link

This is link sharing section of forum so i'do share some interesting sites with other members here!!!!! and links are not my own

Lmao at the second post :D I think next time just copy the content of that website in your posts and then post a reference link in the end. Links do look like spamming.

Good share though, however i am still not tempted to visit any of them even if i am offered to. The only interesting one for me is the Moscow's secret underground train service.

Area 51 is the place I am interested in.

Thanks for the share.. but i m curious to know why people are forbidden to visit such places? At least "The super secret Area 51 Groom Lake facility" must not be restricted for public.

The underground chamber of the whitehouse is also missing here, the one shown in the movie SALT.