6v batteries to power PTCL modem


I have two lead acid batteries.

Each one is

6v 4Ah

I dont know what that means.

PTCL modem says it is 12v and 1.2A.

So, what should i do to power my modem using these two batteries?

Can someone guide me with accuracy?

6V/4AH means that battery will supply you electrical power at 6V and its storage capacity is 4AH, which means battery should (by design) be able to give you 1A current for 4 hours or 2A for 2 hours or 4A for 1 hour (basically 4AH is product of Amperes and Hours). There are of course many limiting factors on AH capacity.

You can connect two 6V batteries to obtain 12V and can use for your PTCL DSL modem. You will need some wires + DC Pin (compatible with your modem). You also need to think of some charging mechanism for these batteries.

Check out this thread... in which Ijaz Ahmed has put up pics of the set up.

so sorry that i forgot to search the forum first. Answer to part of my question was already there :(

I will try and update post with pics if successful :)