5 working Days Vs Six Working Days

Should we have 2 holiday or One per Week

After years of bickering, we were finally able to conclude the need for adapting to a globally established success model of five working days per week.

We boost a hugely interlinked and networked community in which social events like attending marriages, funerals, call on to sick, full time attendance of guests, visiting relatives etc are compulsions rather than exceptions.

How one manages to take his children to hospital, buy 'atta' and pay utility bills in a queue, get his motorbike / second hand car repaired, run after teaching staff of low category schools for supervision of education of his children, accompany his wife for shopping, reach office and back home in smoky vans in midst of traffic jams (finding electricity off and malaria ridden child on reaching home) are only few of the troubles, solution to which during six working days in the office is any ones guess.

- Why today our film industry in dwindling,

- why sports achievements of 160 million-nation are not noteworthy,

- why private sector is reluctant to invest in amusement parks,

- why our cultural / traditional Melas have vanished,

- why our limited festivals are unexciting,

- why hills resorts have not emerged for a nation of millions over last 60 years,

are few indicators of how badly we have mixed business with pleasure ending up neither with business nor pleasure.

An overpaid bureaucrat,

- whose children study and travel to high class academic institutions on chuffer driven luxury cars,

- any army of tutors to coach children,

- gets replacements cars if one gets faulty and does not know who and how gets the faulty car repaired,

- guests received by personal assistants and entertained at official guest houses,

- does not know who pays his bills (if at all someone does),

- travels by air to attend social events,

- an army of worker to take care his personal needs

- has evident reasons to question why people need two holidays.

Why should he think of 2 holidays, Resultantly the Government is considering REVERSION TO ONE HOLIDAY.

To start with i can vow for 2 days off.

Two thumbs up! Exactly what I had in mind, but could not put in words.

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our people want 5 days holi dayssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

It not only what we want, its also what we need