5.1'' sub-woofer

I wanna buy 5.1'' speakers n sub-woofer..plz suggest a good company and price too,if possible.. Thank You...


most logitech and creative 5.1 systems use 5.1" woofers. For specific availability ull have to visit your local shops.

I'm not sure if you are referring to a 5.1 system when you say 5.1", but I'll just assume it!

You can't go wrong with Logitech. There aren't too many companies who focus on 5.1 speakers so your choice will be rather limited as it is.

I am wondering why you want 5.1 speakers though. If it is only for your computer, then I would dissuade you from buying such an extensive setup for a number of reason:

- Obviously its more expensive.

- The pictures on the box or in advertisements hide the fact that once everything is plugged in and ready to go, you'll have a mess of wires criss-crossing all over the place. This is especially annoying if you have a small cramped computer table.

- The advantage of a 5.1 system is surround sound. However, I personally don't know anyone who goes to the effort of setting up the speakers in proper surround sound configuration. That is if you're sitting in the middle, you would have a speaker in front, two speakers to your front right and left, and two speakers to your back right and left. The immersive sound experience is truly sensational especially if you game or are watching a movie, but again the setup takes some work.

Long story short, I've owned and used a Logitech 4.1 system and I found the multitude of speakers and wires to be rather annoying. Currently I use a Logitech 2.1 system (2 speakers and a subwoofer) and I'm extremely happy with it. The sound (especially the bass) is awesome and I don't have too many wires to deal with. I bought them for $40 here in Canada so they were pretty cheap too. For you the best bet would be to visit a local computer shop and see the selection/pricing they have available before you pick what you would want to buy.

More ever, if you are connecting it to desktop, make sure u have a sound card 5.1 support otherwise its of no use. if to be connected to a laptop, very rare laptops offer u true 5.1 support.

Suppose u have the soundcard support then then best options are:

1. Altec Lancing

2. Harmon Kardon

3. Logitec

If you are looking for relatively cheap solutions then go for audionix (danny).

using edifier its good

Why would you want to buy a 5.1 sub woofer ?

-For home theater

-For Gaming

-For Music

Audionic is also too good ! I have Ultimate Version of Audionic 5.1 sounds great

@ duffery, both of 3.. @ jahanzeb..bro how much did it cost u ??

get logitech's x-540. cant go wrong with those. and you get a wired remote which is what im missing on my creative t6100.

anyhow, its the soundcard that matters most. ditch onboard audio and get a separate card. used cards come cheap and they're as good as new

Get a logitech z2300. its a 2.1 but a lot better than other 5.1 speakers. however ,its difficult to find. so if u manage to get it then u'll be very happy with them. check the reviews and popularity on newegg.com