48 VDC InverterTransformer


I need a 5 kw transformer for my low frequency inverter running on 48 vdc.
Ideally I would like to get one that has been salvaged from an imported u/s inverter. This is because of efficiency concerns regarding core material used in locally made transformers. However branded Pakistani UPSs should also be good.
Help greatly appreciated particularly in Isb/Pindi area.

Why not get winding done again locally? What type of transformer is it?


Transformer is required to run a low freq inverter at 5 KW peak o/p at 48 vdc. Type E-I or any configuration. Int’l best practice is toroidal. However toroidal is likely to be very expensive as there are no volumes for such transfos locally.
Can’t trust a locally wound unit as core material is likely to be lossy and off-spec, resulting in an inefficient system that I can ill afford.
Anyone has any ideas about the cores used by WAPDA in their distribution transformers?


I meant if current transformer is giving problem, get its re-winding done on existing core.

If making from scratch, type E-I cores are usually available locally at shops which make UPS transformers.