40 % Ptcl lines in pakistan are down...?

Today only google and youtube were opening so i call 1218 and they told me that we have backend problem. 40% lines in pakistan are facing this problem ... is it true?????

I think yes, i am also facing severe browsing problem! Don't know when its going to be fine again.

here in multan im also facing this prob

Islamabad also :/

D/L Speed is not going above 30kbps

Faisalabad Too :(

i was facing the problem until 2:00 PM but now its all okay, though downloading seems to be slower than usual :|

Pathetic browsing speed here in Islamabad since this morning. Hope the situation improves as quickly as possible.

very slow browsing and downloading speed 30kbps

Oh well. Any time span? By when this is going to get fine?

I'm am damn sure about it, they are having some problem up their asses. Speed has been too slow from morning.

everything seems to be fine here at my end..

Was down in the morning fine now.

Yup, same here in Abbottabad. Slow speed today

i am in 60% thank god

The reduced my 4mb o 1mb on their own, browsing this improve. Today only google was opening, not it's solved.

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The reduced my 4mb o 1mb on their own, browsing this improve. Today only google was opening, not it’s solved.

They’ve downgraded my 4MB connection to 1MB as well, on their own. I’ve been trying to get it back to 4MB for the past month. How did u get it fixed ?

And sadly, I’m in the 40% with reduced download speeds and sucky browsing. I was glad when I changed from Wateen to PTCL. It seems nothing good lasts in this country…

Until now no solution in sight. How much are you being charged. My line is in perfect condition

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Connection Status Connected

Us Rate (Kbps) 508

Ds Rate (Kbps) 1019

US Margin 25

DS Margin 31

Trained Modulation ADSL_G.dmt.bis

LOS Errors 0

DS Line Attenuation 24

US Line Attenuation 14

Peak Cell Rate 1198 cells per sec

CRC Rx Fast 0

CRC Tx Fast 0

CRC Rx Interleaved 0

CRC Tx Interleaved 0

Path Mode Interleaved


Anyone facing disconnections today?

Umm not really. Internet been running for over 15hours.

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ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up

Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode ADSL2 PLUS

Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 0:30:48

System Up Time 0:31:19

Downstream Rate 6240

Upstream Rate 1020

Latency Type Fast

Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 12.0 / 21.3

Line Attenuation US/DS 22.2 / 42.0

Power US/DS 11.3 / 0.0

Attainable Down Speed 16378

Link Up Times 1

Line State Showtime


My 4MBps seems to be 4 not 1, still some sites won’t open properly.