3G EVO EPIC New Year Offer Extended to 31st January 2014

PTCL, as the leading service provider of internet, offered another exclusive package at the occurrence of New Year with an awesome downloading speed up to 30 GB limit. This offer is now extend from 3rd January 2014 to 31st January 2014 for all PTCL interested customers. I really inspired first time I feel that I have done a great job after buying this package.

Ad-whore! Stop posting PeeTCL b.s. everywhere.

Any potential customers, be ware. Evdo is sheeeet. Too many users and limited bandwidth REGARDLESS of area/city. These so called offers are nothing less than scam.

chor company

ptcl's getting their interns to post propaganda on twitter and on any pakistani forum they can find.

F--K you PTCL and your lame tactics to trick people into buying that shitty service. You all are bunch of freaking liars and cheap b@stards.

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